Belgian Trauma Registration Initiative:

On Saturday 3 september 2022 the first general meeting of the Belgian Trauma Registration Initiative (BTRI) took place in Clinique Universitaire Saint-Luc at Brussels. BTRI is a scientific non-profit organisation founded by the national scientific trauma societies BOTA (Belgian Orthopaedic Trauma Association) and Besedim (Belgian Society of Emergency and Disaster Medicine) with the main aim of setting the objectives and rules for the management of the future belgian trauma registry. BOTA and Besedim are each represented by 7 vote holders (14 in total) from which a board of 4 persons was chosen.

From left to right: Olivier Cornu (BOTA, boardmember); Francois Carlier (BOTA); Tatiana Charles (BOTA); Guy Putzeys (BOTA, vice chairman, founding member); Sabine Lemoyne (BESEDIM, chairman, founding member); Stig Walravens (Besedim); Kurt Anseeuw (Besedim); Evi Steen (Besedim, boardmember); Gerrit De Wachter (BOTA); Wim Vandesande (BOTA) Pieter Jan Van Asbroeck (Besedim)
Excused: Lieven Moke (BOTA); Justine Piazza (Besedim) and Jerome Jobe (Besedim)